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Project Data Framework EU Instrument: 2014 Annual Action Programme for Turkey under IPA II - EuropeAid/138881/IH/SER/TR Contracting Authority: Ministry of Treasury and Finance of the Republic of Turkey - Central Finance and Contracts Unit Beneficiaries: Ministry of Culture and Tourism (main beneficiary); Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep (co-beneficiary) Duration: 36 months (21st December 2018 / 21st December 2021)

The EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute Project is an initiative aiming at
improving intercultural dialogue between Turkey and the European Union through the protection and
promotion of common cultural heritage and the strengthening of civil society dialogue. The project will
provide accessibility to the ancient Anatolian Civilizations’ archaeological and historical heritage works by
collecting, preserving and promoting the shared values and common cultural heritage of EU and Turkey by
means of collaborative activities.
The Project will last 36 months and will be articulated over seven main components:
1. design and launch of the Institute, including library and laboratory.
2. creation of a digital network to share the findings from excavations and other related findings and
involvement in different international networks.
3. promotion of the Institute’s visibility in international and domestic forums/platforms.
4. preparation of archaeological tour routes.
5. programme of internships to enhance knowledge and expertise of relevant target groups.
6. improvement of the Institute’s capacity of collaborating with civil society organizations.
7. preparation of a long-term exit strategy for the Institute’s future sustainability.
The Institute will promote the participation of civil society in the protection and promotion of cultural
heritage as a tool of progress for the entire community and for the contribution of cultural heritage to
sustainable development.
In particular the project will pursue:
 Improving mutual understanding between citizens in Turkey and the EU on the appreciation and
preservation of common cultural heritage;
 Raising awareness in the Turkish public on the protection and preservation of cultural heritage sites
in Turkey;
 Enriching academic and scientific work in EU-Turkey common cultural heritage, through supporting
researchers and academics and building capacities in human and material resources, including
expertise, technology, funding and governance;
 Contributing to a collaborative environment between civil society organisations (CSOs) and related
public and private institutions operating in the field, which will increase synergies and capabilities
in the protection and promotion of common cultural heritage;
 Ensuring full coordination and consolidation of all efforts in Turkey under the umbrella of a
reputable institution, supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) and related
public authorities, as well as other major stakeholders in the field;
 Fostering cooperation between Turkey and the EU in the protection and promotion of common
cultural heritage on a variety of platforms, levels and sectors;
 Ensuring sustainability in access to and productive use of academic and scientific findings and
knowledge through a robust archive and information management system.
The Institute will be located in the building of Kendirli Church In Gaziantep city centre, which will be
renovated in the framework of the project under an additional component.
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